Meet Terri

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Terri’s daughter needed jaw surgery, and now her smile is amazing.

Terri's Story

"Rebekah had to have a double jaw surgery, and so we came to Dr. Graves, and he was just the answer to all of our problems. We just have the utmost respect for Dr. Graves and Dr. Wilkinson and their whole staff. We had some situations come up that Dr. Graves had never seen — Rebekah got to be a one-of-a-kind patient. Dr. Graves didn't just say, "Oh, I know how to fix that." He researched it, and he called other surgeons across the country, and he talked to his teacher — his mentor — and he presented her case to other conferences and talked to surgeons across the nation, and he figured out the best plan for her. It wasn't just making her have a gorgeous smile but kind of gave her her life back. We just think they're the best. I would recommend them to everybody. We love them."

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