Meet Chris

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Chris underwent a 4-Hour Smile procedure and his implants feel so secure.

Chris's Story

"My teeth were solid, but my jaw bone was decaying away, so they figured they could put me in some new teeth, straight in and not be loose. They put me out; they did every bit of the surgery while I was completely asleep. When I came out, I had a brand new set of teeth. My teeth are essentially like dentures: they’re all one piece. They put implants: they put four implants on the top, five implants on the bottom. Then they screw it straight into these implants—or into these bases—so that they don’t come out, they don’t move around or anything. I never took not one painkiller after I had the surgery, but they still called, checked on us, and, “Anything you need, let us know; we’ll be there."

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