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Meet Chad

Video Review

After an extraction, Chad isn’t in any more pain.

Chad's Story

"I actually had a little pain in my tooth, and I went to my dentist—my local dentist—and she said everything was fine. So then I went to my local practitioner, and he said everything’s wrong with your ear. Went and saw an ear, nose, and throat doctor, and she said my ear was fine, no problems, that I needed to see a neurologist and go to the ER. So, I went to a neurologist; wanted to say that I had all sorts of stuff, and so I ended up coming to Dr. Wilkinson, and we sat down and reviewed everything, and he goes, “Okay, let me take a look at this.” He goes, “I think that you have a cracked tooth, which is leading to your nerve, which is having all the pain.” And we went in and had an extraction, and he pulled the tooth, and everything’s fine. Dr. Wilkinson was great; he was fabulous. We just went in, and he’s like the miracle worker to solve all your problems."

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