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Stem Cells

Protect Your Future Health

Stem cells are defined as progenitor cells, which have the power to turn into or create any other type of cell in the body. Stem cells have special regenerative properties that make them ideal as a base for treating a wide variety of different illnesses and injuries.

From repairing spinal injuries and heart problems to autoimmune diseases and more, stem cells are being used to treat all sorts of different health problems, and more treatments are being developed every day.

Stem Cell Banking with Stemodontics®

Our practice in Amarillo offers stem cell banking services, allowing you to save stem cells that otherwise would have been discarded as medical waste. Teeth (including adult, baby, and wisdom teeth) are rich sources of stem cells, so when you or your child need to have a tooth extracted, you have a valuable opportunity to preserve those stem cells.

Amarillo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implants is a certified Stemodontics provider. When you choose to have your stem cells bank, we will ship them to a secured laboratory, where they will be safely preserved until you may need them in the future. To learn more or to easily enroll online, visit the Stemodontics website.

Benefits of Stem Cell Banking

We cannot know what will happen in the future, but banking stem cells can help prepare you for a future medical emergency.

  • Banking stem cells provides people with a sort of biological insurance policy, meaning that if they ever need a future stem cell treatment for a disease, they will have their own stem cells banked as a resource.
  • There is no chance of your body rejecting your own stem cells, whereas there is a chance of rejection if using donor cells.
  • The stem cells are taken from your teeth after they are extracted, adding no extra procedures or steps for the patient.

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