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Meet Tripp

Video Review

Tripp was nervous to get his wisdom teeth removed, but Dr. Graves put him at ease.

Tripp's Story

"I was just one day eating dinner, and I started feeling this kind of pain that would just really not go away. Then, we went and got X-rays, and I had five wisdom teeth, which is kind of unusual. When I found out I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out, I was kind of scared at first because this was the first surgery where I had to be put to sleep, and so it was kind of nerve-racking just in that sort of sense. I think Dr. Graves is a great doctor and great person, it seemed like. He's just a happy person, just makes me smile and laugh and stuff, so I just remember that. I had a smooth recovery after I got my wisdom teeth taken out. Actually, we went on a week-long trip to Europe three or four days after I had my wisdom teeth taken out, so it was pretty simple. There was no hiccups or anything. If any of my friends in Canyon, Amarillo, or Tool, or Happy needed to get their wisdom teeth taken out, I'd definitely refer them to Amarillo Oral Surgery."

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