Helping students save money for college expenses!

At Amarillo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we’re thrilled to continue supporting local students through the Wisdom For Wisdom program. The program helps students save money for college expenses by providing them with free wisdom teeth removal procedures. This year, our three recipients are Baily, Cole, and Evian!

Bailey, age 18 from Amarillo, just graduated from Amarillo High School. In her application, Bailey said, “School has always been hard for me, because I have never fit into a group. My parents helped me in a tremendous way by getting my teeth fixed with braces and I am forever thankful for that. Both of my parents are teachers and they worked summer school, tutoring jobs, and anything they could for overtime to pay for my dental work, to help me with my self-esteem.” With hard work and as an intern through the AACAL pre-vet program at the Hope Vet Clinic, Bailey has received a partial scholarship to attend ENMU and will study in the pre-vet program.

Cole, age 17 from Canyon, attends Canyon High School. In his application, he said that things were difficult for his family financially. After having braces, he does not want his wisdom teeth to cause any movement among his other teeth as they come in.

Evian, age 19, lives in Amarillo and attends Amarillo College. In his application, Evian said, “[I was] taught to be grateful and cherish what you have; there are many kids that are much less fortunate than I am. This meant not having fancy new clothes and supplies like other kids throughout my grade school years.” Evian’s boy scout leader inspired him to pursue dentistry and is now taking the first step to become a dental hygienist with hopes of one day becoming a dentist.

We look forward to helping all three students pursue their goals and dreams through education.

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