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Meet Rebekah

Video Review

Jaw surgery restored Rebekah’s confidence and now she loves smiling.

Rebekah's Story

"My first surgery was a double jaw surgery, and then I had three other jaw surgeries after that. Dr. Graves and his staff were very sweet. They made me feel better by talking to me a lot, trying to prepare me from their past experiences with it with other patients. I absolutely love the staff here. They’re so sweet and personal, and they know everything about my life—what I’m involved in, where I want to go to college—I love them. Even after my second jaw surgery, Dr. Wilkinson came in and gave me cookies afterwards because I always bring them cookies after my surgeries, and he wanted to share some of his favorite cookies with me. Since my surgery, I can eat anything I want, and my jaws no longer pop out of place. I feel more confident when I’m smiling; I’ll show all my teeth, and it’s just an overall better experience now."

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