Sleep Apnea

Improve Breathing and Sleeping

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes momentary lapses in breathing during sleep. A partner usually notices signs of sleep apnea first, which include loud snoring. People who think they may have sleep apnea generally see a sleep specialist for a professional diagnosis before seeking treatment. At our office in Amarillo, we can determine the most efficient way to treat your sleep apnea.

Effects of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can drastically affect your health. Some of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea include:

  • Snoring
  • Pauses in breathing during sleep (lasting between a few seconds to full minutes)
  • Excessive sleepiness during the day
  • Problems focusing on work or other activities
  • Irritability
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry or sore throat upon waking
  • Morning headaches

These symptoms can have serious effects if left untreated. Sleep apnea has also been associated with heart disease and other cardiac issues. Getting tested and treated for sleep apnea is crucial for your overall health and well-being.

Surgical Treatment for Sleep Apnea

The first step in treating sleep apnea is to schedule a consultation with our skilled oral surgeons, where we will discuss your treatment and options for anesthesia. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art 3D CBCT scanning, which allows our surgeons to view detailed images of your dental and facial structures.

While some sleep apnea cases can be controlled through lifestyle changes or the use of a CPAP machine, other cases require surgical intervention for successful treatment.

Some procedures involve altering the shape of the soft palate, which is the soft tissue at the back of the throat. Tightening the soft palate can open the airway and prevent the blockages that occur during sleep apnea. In other cases, the position of the jaw prevents the airway from remaining open throughout the night, and corrective jaw surgery is necessary.

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